7 Top Food Bloggers In New York City

Food blogs are an incredibly helpful source to learn about restaurants and dishes nearby. Countless food bloggers  in New York dedicate themselves to reporting on the best food there. You can follow personal accounts of different eateries from every borough by foodie amateurs and professionals of all walks of life.

Instagram is a popular platform to promote food blogs. If you are a fan of a particular food account, it is likely they have a blog to accompany it. Blogs add to what an Instagram profile has to offer by providing recipes and stories from the blogger. Read on to learn about some of the top food instagrammers in New York City.

Rayna Greenberg

Rayna, the face behind One Hungry Jew, used her love of food and travel to inspire her blog. She has work experience in many different restaurants and a degree in journalism. Using knowledge she gained from her work in the food industry, Rayna has created reviews and guides for places all around New York.

The food guides cover food specific topics like “best burgers,” as well as categories like “where to take the parents.” You’ll find restaurant recommendations, brief descriptions, and plenty of mouth-watering pictures within each guide. Reviews are organized by location and cuisine, and each has their own information overview based on Rayna’s experiences. The blog is easy to navigate and ideal for anyone looking to get the most out of their New York visit.

Olia Saunders

PS.NY is a food and lifestyle blog created by Olia and her daughter Lara in 2012. What started out as just an Instagram for their poodle, Cookie, the blog now features vegan recipes, travel photography, and of course, a lot of Cookie. Olia works in New York as a lifestyle and vegan food photographer, which comes through in every post from PS.NY.

For food lovers interested in vegan eating, this blog has many recipes to choose from. Gorgeous colorful photos of food are prominently displayed in the site’s portfolio for those who would rather look than cook. Scroll through the blog and their Instagram of the same name to get a big helping of delicious food with a side of Cookie.

Judy Kim

Judy Kim is an established food stylist and photographer in New York. She develops recipes and has her own recipe column with Delish, as well as her personal blog, The Judy Lab. The Judy Lab is a compilation of elegant food photographs, recipes, and videos.

The highlight of the blog is the recipes, which are organized into savory, sweet, and seasonal favorites. Judy has created a recipe for just about any occasion you could think of. Each recipe comes alongside a beautiful picture of the dish. Test your cooking skills by trying one of Judy’s recipes, or scroll through her portfolio to see what she has created.

Alexa Mehraban

In 2014, Alexa Mehraban began EatingNYC as a way of showcasing all of the amazing meals she was eating in New York. Since its conception, EatingNYC has become a community for New Yorkers and beyond. It is perfect for anyone looking to find the next best restaurant to dine in. Alexa’s work has gained her the 2016 title of top 30 people in food by AdWeek.

From the front page, you will immediately be guided to tons of articles. Alexa has also individually rated hundreds of restaurants and indexed them. You can find each one in an alphabetical list on the blog. The site has easy to navigate categories allowing you to find plenty of restaurants fit for any craving.

Jackie Gebel

Jackie found her love for the culinary world while studying hospitality management and marketing in college. After continuing to learn the ins and outs of the food world through various jobs, she created her own New York-based food blog, NoLeftovers.

Originally gaining popularity through Instagram, the NoLeftovers brand is being brought to the blog realm through an in-progress site Jackie is creating. The blog will feature food guides that cover a variety of culinary finds in New York.

Danyelle Freeman

 Danyelle created her blog, Restaurant Girl, in 2005 as a response to the “anonymous critic,” which was a common practice for restaurant reviewers at the time. She built her career with the help of her blog and eventually penned her first book, Try This: Traveling the Globe Without Leaving the Table.

Her culinary expertise has landed her guest spots in numerous publications and food-related television shows. Despite her commercial success, the blog is constantly updated with useful content for any foodie. For tips on the latest New York restaurant openings, city guides, and a behind the scenes look in numerous eateries, Restaurant Girl is the blogger for you.

David Ma 

Although he was originally an advertising creative, David Ma could not hold back from his love of food. He combined his expertise on the two subjects to become a self-proclaimed “freelance foodie-for-hire.” Popular food publications and networks frequently hire him for different food-related projects. A few of the skills David has executed in his work includes creating original recipes, food styling, and directing.

David’s site, The Food Freestylist, features video and photo samples of his work in the culinary world. Additionally, you can access the blog portion of the website. There you will find recipes and posts about projects he has been a part of. Each handcrafted recipe has a personal touch. Be sure to check out his recipe including molecular gastronomy if you’re an adventurous cook.

TAKEAWAY: Molecular gastronomy describes a type of food science that explores creating dishes by facilitating physical and chemical changes in food. David uses the technique in a recipe to make sriracha spheres.

You don’t have to be a food expert to be a food blogger. These incredible New York-based foodies have come from all different backgrounds. Yet, each one has found ways to incorporate their love for food into forums for others to enjoy. Their recipes, photographs, videos, guides, and more show people why New York is truly a foodie’s dream.

These bloggers will take you along for the ride while they taste dishes of all different types. Be sure to bookmark these top food bloggers to stay updated on their latest posts.

Source: travelforfoodhub.com

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